Moneta is committed to the sustainable development of our operations and has established a Safety and Sustainability Board Committee.

We adhere to industry standards for the management of health, safety, and the environment; engaging transparently with local communities and stakeholders; and creating a safe and respectful workplace where employees are valued, engaged and encouraged to succeed.


We value our employees and aim to have a dynamic, friendly, safe, and inclusive environment and recognizes that our workforce is key to our success and sustainability. As we grow our operations, we are committed to creating meaningful career opportunities for our team.

Our corporate culture is based on treating people with respect and dignity. We believe in an inclusive and diverse workforce and provide our employees with the tools and training required to do their jobs properly and safely.


We operate in the Timmins region of Ontario.

Strong community relationships are the foundation of socially and environmentally responsible operations and we aim to make a meaningful contribution to the communities in our region.

We aim to make a positive impact in any community through the provision of employment and procurement opportunities for local people. We support our local First Nations community through employment, numerous agreements and on-going dialog.


Moneta is committed to high health and safety standards for all employees by ensuring that all employees receive the proper training and always follow safety procedures. We continually aim to improve our performance continually by regularly reviewing our objectives and targets and by engaging with our employees and contractors to improve and implement our integrated health and safety management practices.


Moneta is committed to operate in an ethical manner, preserve the natural environment, and to protect and benefit the communities in which we operate.

Moneta proactively manages the environmental impact of all activities at our project locations. The company engages in meaningful and transparent consultation with communities of interest to inform them of project activities and adapt plans where appropriate. When advancing projects, Moneta completes detailed environmental assessments to reduce environmental risks and adheres to environmental regulatory compliance.

Our commitment to the environment is:

  • To meet or exceed all applicable laws, regulations and licenses.
  • Integrate environmental, social, cultural and economic considerations into our operations.
  • Foster mutually beneficial environmental partnerships with our local communities and First Nations community.
  • Conduct business in a manner that minimizes potential environmental impacts.
  • Instill responsible environmental performance in our workforce.
  • Maintain appropriate and effective communication with our stakeholders.


Moneta recognizes that climate change is a shared global challenge that requires collective action between business, government and society. Moneta supports the move to a low emission economy to reduce the scale of future climate change impacts and avoid increasing their severity. This, coupled with the world’s increasing requirements for secure, affordable energy, creates significant challenges which are best met by companies, governments and society working together. 


Moneta aims to adhere to responsible sustainable business practices by continuously improving our key health, safety, environmental, economic, employee and community engagement priorities. Our goal is to create long-term value for all our stakeholders by implementing sustainable environmental, social and economic considerations into all our business decisions.