Vince Deschamps

Vince Deschamps, Director Sustainability

Mr. Vince Deschamps has over 30 years of professional experience across a range of sectors in Canada and internationally, with interests in sustainability as it relates to impact assessment and mitigation, Indigenous land use planning systems and biodiversity conservation. Within the mining industry, Mr. Deschamps has overseen programs to assess the impacts of mining activities on biodiversity domestically in Northern Ontario, Quebec and Labrador, as well as internationally in Indonesia and Romania. The biodiversity component of these projects comprised a variety of tasks, including the production and review of ecological baseline studies, the development and coordination of extensive ecological field investigations, the management of expert staff and sub-consultants, data analysis, management options, report preparation, client management and agency, rights-holder and stakeholder consultation.

Mr. Deschamps expertise reflects the broad variety of experiences related to the projects he has worked on. In addition to serving as the terrestrial biodiversity lead on Environmental Assessments of Rosia Montana (Romania), Martabe and Weda Bay (Indonesia) and most recently Greenstone (Ontario), he has also conducted land use compatibility studies for Iron Ore Company of Canada’s mine in Labrador City and served as the biodiversity lead for the external audit of the PT Freeport Indonesia mining operation in Papua, Indonesia. He has coordinated EA reviews on behalf of Indigenous communities, including the technical review of the Detour Gold EA for the Taykwa Tagamou Nation in northern Ontario. His involvement in Indigenous planning extends to drafting a Community Based Land Use Plan for Attawapiskat First Nation in the James Bay Lowlands, as well as conducting a comprehensive review of the Gwich’in Land Use Plan for the Gwich’in Land Use Planning Board in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. Within Northern Ontario, Mr. Deschamps also has experience in the planning and assessment of ancillary facilities that support the mining industry, including natural gas pipelines, roads and renewable energy.

He holds a BES (Hons) from the University of Waterloo and an M.Sc. in Rural Planning & Development from the University of Guelph. He is certified as a Verification Service Provider for Mining Association of Canada’s “Towards Sustainable Mining” initiative. Mr. Deschamps is a Registered Professional Planner and a citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario.